Work-n-Play better, Infraware
Infraware, an innovation solution and service company that helps the people work and play better,


Work-n-Play better, Infraware
Infraware, an innovative mobile solution and service company that helps the people work and play better.

Infraware is a mobile solution and service company that has been providing differentiated software technology and innovation for the past 15 years in an ever-changing IT industry.
From mobile office/email solution to a variety of apps based on writing/voice recognition technology, smart TV browser, android platform as well as a diverse range of other mobile platforms, interactive e-book to mobile social game contents service business, Infraware plays an active part in a wide range of areas. We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that your lives are smarter and fuller with rich contents.

Infraware Business

POLARIS for Mobile
  • POLARIS Office
  • POLARIS Email
  • POLARIS Office Enterprise
  • POLARIS Browser
POLARIS for Broadcasting
  • POLARIS TV Browser
  • POLARIS TV Middleware
  • POLARIS TV Widget
POLARIS for Android Tech
  • POLARIS Smartphone Suite
  • POLARIS App Inspector
  • POLARIS App Verifier
  • POLARIS App Player
  • Game Publishing
  • Game Development
  • Shiftworks V-Guard
  • Shiftworks MDM
  • DioPen
  • DioDict
  • DioNote
  • Speech Solution

Our Philosophy

The highest value which Infraware pursues is to create opportunities through growth.

People dream about a better future and do their best to realize this dream. But in reality, not everyone can get the chance to grow. With our business, Infraware aims to create opportunities through growth, rather than simply pursuing profit. Executives must continuously take challenges and grow their company in order to provide its employees with more opportunities. Furthermore, we should do our best to give the less fortunate a fighting chance.

Infraware supports its employees and their families.

While pursuing the dream and goals of the company, leaders, executives and directors sometimes forget that one of the most important functions of work is to support the well-being of employees. Leaders should remember that firing or excluding employees who are not as efficient as others causes them and their families to suffer. Leaders should take responsibility for their employees and make them partners who help them realize their dreams and achieve their goals.

Infraware provides its employees with autonomy through transparency, not through control.

Most executives and directors think that they should control their employees to lead their organizations. Infraware believes this kind of control is wrong, as it hinders personal development and work efficiency. Infraware pursues a culture in which all work is transparent and everyone respects individual rights and autonomy.

Don't do anything dishonorable.

There is always a quick and dirty way to do something.. However, these ways ultimately lead to failure..
Stick to honorable business practices to stay out of harm's way and be able to solve problems without compromising integrity.

Sharing the same values is more important than having superior capabilities.

To build a workplace in which we can work for life and enjoy freedom, employees should stick to the regulations and rules they have voluntarily made. Embracing autonomy and employment guarantee, Infraware's values, may lead to slothfulness and selfishness.
To realize our ideals, we will fight devil's advocates and rule breakers. We cannot work with people who have great capabilities but different values.



  • Subsidiaries


    A company specialized in officeware mobile solutions.

  • Infraware Technology

    Infraware Technology

    Android platforms, Enterprise solutions

  • Infraware Books

    Infraware Books

    e-Book solutions, Contents

  • Selvas


    Game development, Publishing



    Language base solution

Brand Overview



CI (Corporate Identity)

The CI is another "face" of a company. The CI system of Infraware is based on our flexible culture and our passion for taking on new challenges. It expresses Infraware's desire to grow to be a partner for life through original ideas and innovative R&D for the future.

The Symbol

The Symbol

Infraware's symbol is a circle.
This solitary circle represents the management ideology, vision, and business of Infraware; three core values, passion, youth, and challenges, are expressed in dynamic images.


In logo type signature, the word-mark and logo is combined using very specific rules and they cannot be repositioned. Choose the right one to use depending on space and layout.


CI signature of affiliated companies.

CI signature of affiliated companies.

CI signature of affiliated companies.


Basically, it is recommended to use the gradient color of Infraware on a white background. Alternative colors, such as black and gray, can be used as well.


Limitations TIP

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the CI guideline is respected in all cases.
  • Should you need to change the CI for a special purpose, please contact us.


Apr. 2014
  • Launched POLARIS Office Service
Jun. 2013
  • Launched POLARIS Office Enterprise
  • Launched POLARIS Meeting
Sep. 2012
  • Launched Palaoo E-Book Service
Apr. 2012
  • Launched POLARIS Office iOS
  • Established Infraware Books
Nov. 2011
  • Took over control of DIOTEK
Jun. 2011
  • Selected as WBS Project Supervisor (Smart TV)
May. 2011
  • Awarded Grand Prize for Multimedia Technology (POLARIS Office)
Apr. 2011
  • Commercialized POLARIS Office for Smartphone/Tablet PC
    (Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, HTC)


HQ and R&D Center

  • Bando B/D, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Tel.82-2-537-0538
  • FAX.82-2-535-0534

Infraware U.S.A


  • 17870 Sky Park Circle Ste 250 Irvine, CA 92614, U.S.A.
  • Email.

Infraware China

  • Room908, Building 16, China Central Place, No/89, Jian Guo lu Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
  • Tel.86-10-6533-1556
  • FAX.86-10-65331559


Enabling Smart Work
Center of Mobile Solution

POLARIS is one of Infraware's most recognized mobile solution businesses. Based on Infraware's browser technologies, POLARIS has grown to occupy a 70% share of the mobile browser market. As Smartphones and tablet PCs penetrate the mobile market, Infraware launched and developed the mobile office, which was loaded onto more than two hundred million Smartphones and tablet PCs worldwide in 2012. In addition, Infraware has developed its platform R&D capability and launched PSS (POLARIS Smartphone Suite), which can be loaded onto low-end Smartphones and other devices. Infraware is leading the expansion of the smart device market.


Play New Experience
Mobile Game Brand

As the Smartphone becomes popularized and open markets are expanding, mobile games are providing some of the most familiar and interesting content for Smartphone users. The mobile game sector is the core of the Smartphone business. With its specialized developers and development system, Selvas is launching and developing many mobile games. In addition, based on its marketing and localization capabilities and development expertise, it publishes various games developed by Korean and foreign developers. Selvas will give you completely new fun and enjoyment through the AppStore, Google Play, and various social platforms, wherever you are in the world.


Opening the mobile future
Language & Emotion, Specialized Brand

Diotek’s language processing/applying technology based on mobile dictionary and emotional recognition interface technology, makes it possible to deliver diverse smart device optimizing apps and solutions.

Financial Report

Financial Report

Financial Report
Item 2013 2012 2011
Liquid Assets 89,956 58,529 65,821
Assets 36,197 33,650 34,004
Total Assets 126,153 92,179 99,825
Liquid Liabilities 26,376 9,519 25,467
Liabilities 2,569 2,278 2,218
Total Liabilities 28,945 11,797 27,685
Capital 9,309 9,120 9,120
Other Contributed Capital 58,729 51,625 51,376
Retained Earnings 28,787 19,636 11,644
Gross Capital 97,208 80,382 72,140

Income Statement

Income Statement
Item 2013 2012 2011
Operating Revenue 52,413 43,575 31,126
Operating Expenses 35,898 30,749 26,528
Operating Income 16,515 12,826 4,598
Non-operating Income 1,948 1,699 2,324
Non-operating Expenses 873 1,757 1,667
Other Revenue 317 647 38
Other Expenses 409 553 340
Profit from Subsidiaries and Associates (Expenses) -6,276 -1,592 -3,447
Net Profit before Deducting Tax Expenses 11,222 11,270 1,507
Tax Expenses 1,902 3,438 -1,296
Net Profit during the Term 9,319 7,832 2,803

Stock Information

Media Gallery



This is My POLARIS Office.

This is My POLARIS Office.

The World's Best Mobile Office

The World's Best Mobile Office

Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction

Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction

Polaris Smartphone Suite

Polaris Smartphone Suite

Palaoo 프리미엄 키즈북

Palaoo 프리미엄 키즈북



Infraware People

Infraware People are challengers with good communication skills, courage and realistic judgment who are comfortable sharing their opinion freely with anyone.


Infraware People create positive outcomes through rational communication with colleagues and customers
Genuine Courage
Infraware People make Infraware, Infraware People, and the world happier with their genuine courage.
Infraware People grasp new trends accurately and grow with the challenges that come with the new trends.

Career Management System

Dual Career Path

Infraware has the Dual Career Path system.
Through Y-shaped career management, Infraware provides tailored opportunities that satisfy both leaders and specialists.

“Create a culture that recognizes specialists.”
Leaders are not necessarily people who are older than others and are more advanced in their careers.
Infraware believes that recognizing specialists strengthens the technological competence of the company.
“Give opportunities to younger people with leadership potential.”
It is true that leadership does require a healthy amount of field experience.
However, that does not mean there is a set amount of experience and age required to become a leader. Infraware wants to give potential leaders an early opportunity to prove themselves.

Special Promotion & Fast Track

As well as the promotion system, Infraware has the 『Special Promotion』 and 『Fast Tracking』 system based on trust in its people.
Infraware values its top talent, and provides employees with a chance to to grow and develop.

Special Promotion
Promotes employees 1 year earlier than
the average number of years of service for promotion
Fast Tracking
Regardless of the number of years of service
and the position, promotes the top talent earlier